1.Candidates: Artists who engage in painting aged 18 or above.

2.Period of Residence: unlimited.

3. Residence Fee:
Accommodation, studio (art materials included), food and transportation to and from the nearest metro station will be provided by "1-art valley" for RMB 6,500/month;

Optional service: "1-art valley" offers sight-seeing and art exchange service for the resident artist to visit tourist spots of Guangzhou City, as well as art museum, art village, creative centers and galleries; for a 3-week residence, there will be two of such visits, and the fee is CNY3,000;

The artist shall be responsible for his or her visa and air fare to travel to China;

An accompanying spouse will depend on the specific circumstances.

4.Creation: The artist shall be obliged to work on two pieces of the "kiwisual Artistic Stones" (one large and one small), and finish all the work within the residence; content of the work will not be limited, but they shall be responsible for his or her work, which should not involve pornography, politics or plagiarism; the artist can either finish the work on his or her own, or collaborate with local artists or groups.