kiwisual Artistic Stones

Xi'an Innovation & Sharing Hotel Art FairXi'an Innovation Center January, 2017
“1-art” took part in the Xi’an “Innovation & Sharing” Hotel Art Fair on January 22-25, 2017, expanding its territory once again since participating in Art Canton and Shanghai Art Fair in 2016. The Fair is the first hotel art show in the northwest regions of China. “1-art” breathed a breath of fresh air into the ancient city with its unique artwork.
The “kiwisual Artistic Stones” were undoubtedly the most breath-taking exhibits for the artists and audience of Xi’an. Everybody was saying they had never seen such innovative artworks in the city before, and that “1-art” was the most impressive exhibitors of the whole show.
As to 2D works, the audience were most drawn to Hong Kong artist “Frog King”Kwok Mang Ho’s pieces that combined English and Chinese characters to represent Hong Kong people’s habit of speech; another highly-acclaimed series went to Hong Kong artist Ivy Chan’s avant-garde “Torn World”, a set of works made of torn papers and metal clips.
The most loved piece, of course, belonged to the Buddhism-themed artistic stonework “Fundamentally There Is Not A Single Thing” , which we picked for the show since Xi’an is the starting point of the ancient Silk Road and one of the world’s four great ancient capitals. The audience loved it, and eventually it was bought by a collector.